Sunday, June 9, 2013

In honor of Nana

Blogs are not books and they don't usually have dedications, but permit me this once to dedicate our blog to Grandma Florence (Nana): To the classiest lady with her twinkling eyes and big heart full of love and life, we love you and miss you. Hope that your eternity is filled with joy and peace.

Here are some of our stories, of recent...
(Sorry: Because of the large number of videos & photos, the page is a bit slow...)

I underestimated Zoë's sudden abilities on her bike and made the mistake of taking her out for a leisurely ride (not even wearing my sneakers or work out clothes!) I ended up sweaty and chasing her down the trail yelling "STAY TO THE RIGHT!" and "Red light. RED Light. RED LIGHT!!!!" (our code for stop NOW!)

Somewhere on the trail, she got very upset with my constant "advising". Um, that's my job, kid! To keep you safe. But there was pouting and some scolding: "I'm never going to talk to you again, Mom. Never, never, never. Then you can't tell me anything. Until my birthday. Don't talk to me till then." 

There wasn't much of a chance, anyway, since she rode off in a huff, me in chase once again... until we got to a bridge:  "Mommy, can we go that way?" So, back on track and on a road with fewer speeding, triathlon-types and then we suddenly were friends again. We both could relax on this smaller, friendlier trail. Suddenly, she stops and waits for me and then holds my hand and covers it with kisses all over and says: "You know how I yelled at you before? But I still love you and now I want to give you lots of kisses. Because I know you were being a good mommy. We are buddies, right?" True. The rest of our ride was peaceful.

Then we hit a big hill, she tells me: "Oh Wow! I just got some energy! I think it's because my food just broke down and got digested. You know, when it breaks down it gives you energy!"

Here's a 10 second video of her, before I worried that I will get too far behind (sorry for the shaking-- it's hard to run and video!)
For comparison, here she was a few months ago!    

"Dance with abandon"

Sometimes it is the small stuff... today I caught Zoë dancing like she usually does, with utter abandon (and a lot of turns). Time for Kathak? 


"Sheep and Wool Festival"

Who knew? Every May, all things sheep and lamb congregate about 20 miles from us in a "Sheep and Wool Festival". It's a rather strange hodge-podge of people and events, including the wrangling, showing, and sheering of sheep, ... eating, drinking and being entertained in with farm-fresh fare, ... but for knitters and yarn lovers, the best part is the showcasing of new yarns, wool, and fiber. We went with little expectations, and had some fun! 
Zoë got a sample bag of raw, shorn wool. This wool would get cleaned, washed and dried, before being made into yarn. We saw some people taking their cleaned wool and spinning it into the thin threads with would be mutliplied into thicker wool and then dyed, and then... made into something awesome, no doubt!

"Ms. Nelson is Missing"

This is a favorite story that I remember from my childhood. One day, I heard Zoë telling "her students" this story. (Even funnier is that they learned the story from a tape-recording at school, so she says "beep, page X", since the recording has those markers). 


We went to a carnival fair with a set-up "moonbounce" (if you aren't in the know: these are all the rage in the toddler scene: giant inflatable jungle gyms). While Zoë has had lots of exposure now to them, there are times when she charges in and then requires a bit of help to climb to the top, still. In this particular one, the lady warned us that it's for 5+ and we might have to go in and bail her out. But ... tickle me pink -- Look at her go! 

Actually she climbed faster than I could react and video-- so I only have the part where she enjoys the slide back down, the prize for her efforts.


"Living in the Moments"

In between school and the "have-to's", we manage some "want-to's". Know this quote?  

Step with care and great tact and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act. 
-- Dr. Seuss

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  1. Very nice blogging Rinti.

    I can't believe Zoe can ride that fast and those words about digestion and food breaking down to give energy... had a good laugh.

    Also, I liked the way you wrote Nana's eternity be filled with peace..very beautiful.

    The video parts were a bit hard on my computer but I got some of it.