Sunday, October 27, 2013

We love FALL!

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There are few times that we really enjoy living in Maryland and Fall is such a time. Almost every weekend there's something wonderful to experience-- apple picking, pumpkin patch complete with hayrides, lots of baking... and the sounds of music.

Many months ago, when we were in California, I introduced Zoë to one of my favorite movies of all time: The Sound of Music. Happily, Zoë also loved it and many of the songs stuck in her head... on repeat and only about five given words. It was first adorable, then made me cringe slightly, then... well, it was downright painful. But, I know that someday we will miss hearing this particular rendition. Enjoy the video!

Here's our album of Fall pictures, including Matt's birthday dinner where Zoë was the beautiful Indian waitress (and I was the Chef). Check back here soon, we will add the Halloween photos from this week, at least!

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  1. Oh This is so cute. Dear Zoe Could you please do this recital one more time when you come to California. I'd so love to show it to the friends here. The stair case would be just perfect for the stage. What do you think? Love your blog.