Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching up...

Dear Readers,

Mom and I really appreciate all of you! Many wrote to say that you read what we write here and others told us to keep it up, so we haven't written in a long time but it isn't because we are sad anymore. It's because we've been really busy! We flew to California and had Christmas, and I had several parties where I was the important person. So that means that I had to wear a pretty dress and behave. Oh, yes, my baptism was one of those occasions (see the pictures here-- and anyone else can add their photos here too, please!). Somehow the deacon was impressed that I was very good with the whole ceremony, even the oil and water on the head part, until I raspberry kissed him (or really "PTTTHHHHHHHFFFF"d at him). But I do that all the time. It's one of my favorite things. So is clapping (I call it "Thai thai" because it's part of a Bengali nursery rhyme, like "Patti Cake"). My best friend is the girl in the mirror, and guess what! She can stand now too! I like to stand at the chair and sometimes my Mom and Dad make an obstacle course at home for me (See our videos!) and I can do tricks while I am standing.

Only, I have to clap sometimes when I stand really well and people say I am doing good, and then I have to sit first. Otherwise, I might fall. Still, I am trying to do both-- stand and clap together! I almost succeed in this video-- see???

Maybe by my first birthday... which is coming up, by the way! I wonder what we will do? Ok, it's waaaaaaaay past my bedtime, so I better go now.

Love you all and Happy New Year (It's my first New Year :) !)--