Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Little Pigs and Lunchboxes

This video needs no introduction. Okay... maybe a tiny introduction. In this video, Ms. Zoë relates the famous "Three Little Pigs" fairy tale with a slight variation. While lunchboxes are also rectangles, they may not be quite the same as bricks, structurally speaking. Even so... she's a natural story-teller and oh! so cute :) Enjoy!

Also, here are some photos from recent days, including visits from the fabulous Aria, her parents, and her grandparents (though I was not a very good photographer for their visit -- too busy enjoying, of course! So perhaps I will leave it to them to donate their photos please *hint, hint*!), ... cherry blossoms (barely caught those in our crazy Spring weather), ... and my trip to Monterey, CA for the HEAD meeting.

1 comment:

  1. Very good job with the Three Little Pigs, Zoe. Really enjoyed... It was a little difficult uploading and when I went to see one more time, it didn't work..

    Loved the photos too. Wow the daffodils looked so beautiful. Nice pics of the Basu - Zych couple. Now how did you take them? Self?

    Looking forward for new blog post.