Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring! (sort of)

So the weather hasn't completely committed to Spring... one day is 30 degrees and snowing and hailing and the next is sunny and in the 70s. The weather in these transition days is almost as erratic as the moods of a toddler. And similarly, perhaps, just as beautiful when the blossoms finally emerge. It's amazing that the poor cherry blossoms survived the recent meteorological whims -- suddenly blooming, then stopping abruptly during the freeze, and shedding with hail and wind... but somehow reaching peak and looking gorgeous.

Zoë's moods have gotten much better after the last few weeks -- she has finally stopped crying when I drop her off at school and speaking of blossoming, her vocabulary has suddenly exploded! What is particularly fun to watch is that they aren't just practice words anymore, she is learning the subtleties of language and using the correct words with actions. For example, yesterday she said: "Daddy, calm down! Baby is sleeping." (because, ahem, Daddy and Mommy were having a loud discussion and Zoe was putting her Pinky baby down for a nap). She's been saying "Mommy, I like this!" when she enjoys some food, activity or book we are reading. She likes to make up her version of songs "I like books, there's no doubt about it!" (that's my favorite!) Everyday, it seems that she has an opinion about something around her and she now has the words to voice that, and that's exciting to her and us! We are also getting better at knowing the triggers for her sudden "thunder storms" (hunger! sleepiness... lack of attention, etc.) and being healthy does make the crazy less frequent. Thank goodness.

Anyway, we went around the neighborhood today (who knew we live in a secret wonderland spot for the D.C. cherry blossoms???) In fact, this was the closest park to us and is often completely quiet. Not today! It was like a parade of children, lemonade stands, bake sales, tourists, families, cameras and their owners... Even Matt(!) and I could not resist taking several photos... check them out here:

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  1. Great pics. There is one of you with Zoe and one with Matt and Zoe came out so good.

    Good job with blogging.