Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buddha continued...

This evening, Zoë requested her father to read to her from a Buddhism book and then she took our Buddha statue and tucked it in for sleep (on the couch, where it almost got sat upon by some less enlightened soul). Then Zoë said "Daddy, let's see Buddha on the computer!", followed by ecstatic jumping and clapping. So the two of them researched and analyzed Buddha images from around the world. We then meditated as a family, after spending some time turning off ALL the lights (even those that were in other rooms, as commanded). During her mediation, Zoë had an epiphany and said "I am Buddha too." (I kid you not. So far I have not made any of this up... ) Matt and I exchanged impressed looks and several chuckles. Then we put on pajamas and headed for sleepytime in our blissful and peaceful states, but... apparently our Little Enlightened One is very particular about socks, because in the end we had a complete meltdown over them -- to be honest, I don't know what part was so contentious: the color, who put them on, the mere suggestion of cold feet? In the words of Buddha:
I teach one thing and one only:
that is, suffering and the end of suffering.

Looks like we are still learning.

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