Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dealing with a sick toddler...

... is like hostage negotiation (or so I imagine).

Loud crying... "I WANT SGHSKGOWG"

"Zoë, when you cry like that I can't tell what you want. I need you to stop crying and clearly state your demands."

"NOoooooooo... " Escalating volume of crying.

"I am leaving the room until you stop crying. I will not negotiate with a loud cry baby. We will talk when you calm down." (Help! I need reinforcements.)

"BAHHhhhhhh... I WANT lsbjsdgbksgbslkgjb, MOMMY, NOWWWWWW"

"What? You want juice? Until you stop screaming and step away from the mirror, I can't talk with you."

"NOOOOOOOO." Wild thrashing and dangerous, erratic movements. Keep head down, go for the tackle. Deposit screaming two-year old in safe crib. Run.

So went the afternoon. Finally, I got her settled and down for her nap. We call that a win-win situation. Now I need a nap.

1 comment:

  1. Zoe has entered the Terrible (?- rather terrific:)) two stage. Mama too.

    When she is calm and in a good mood ask her "What is tsbgstjgb...Zoe?" You both may have a good laugh then.

    When she is throwing a tantrum don't rationalize, just follow your mommy instinct. Of course you'll not listen to me I know. Because I am your mommy.