Sunday, June 13, 2010

patience is a virtue

Yes, yes, we know... the blog has fallen by wayside to life. In all fairness, we have been lax with the posting, but not with the playing, having fun, growing, and all other such important things. And now we will rectify the bad blogging with oodles and oodles of photos and links to more photos!

In early May, Didun and Dadu came to visit for a week. It went by pretty fast because we went to Williamsburg. Zoe became acquainted (no! enamored!) by "ducks". Everything that remotely looked like a bird was dubbed "duck". Also, the weather was nice enough to visit lots of parks.

When they left, we were sad in our relatively empty house, but we found ways to have fun still... like hide and seek. Zoe likes the window seat and hides behind the curtains. Then she pulls the reindeer bookmark on her neck (like a tie or scarf) and begins her serious projects. Sometimes, that is: reading a book, coloring, sorting cards...

and who knew? Zoe loves jumping on her bed-- she learned about the "Five Little Monkeys" but that didn't stop her!

Then, a few weeks later, Ninamashi and Boris came to visit. We all had a great time hanging out at the Bethesda street fair, eating cupcakes, and generally playing.

By the end, Zoe really make best buddies with "Niminininash" and "Dibits". And Matt and I got a date night. Score! :)

By the way, Zoe's vocabulary has increased a lot-- she says several words, including: Duck, Moon, water, milk, more, all done, Bye, Hi, ... I think there are still others (anyone else want to add to the list?) She also sings, "Five little monkeys", "Row, row, row your boat", "Wheels on the bus", ...

Hope you enjoy the photos... and take your time relishing these captured moments. Most of the photos were taken on Didun's or Nina's camera. Mom is taking a mini photo vacation and well, blogging just isn't the first priority. But visit soon and visit often and please please please leave us a note!


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  1. OK, I couldnt resist commenting: Zoe is adorable!! Isnt the talking divine? Navah is now talking. In fact she wont shut up ;-)
    Its too cute!