Monday, April 26, 2010

Walking (!) and other tales.

Dear Everybody,

It is now official-- I can walk! I can also climb. And with my new skills, I like to explore. Particularly those places that are not so safe and where my parents prefer me not to go. For instance, they put out all my toys, but I go right past them to the kitchen. I like to either climb onto the dishwasher or climb and hide in the oil cabinet. Sadly this weekend, Mom and Dad put special tricky locks on those. But, the one I love most gave them lots of trouble, I am happy to report! And even funnier, Mom didn't want me in that cabinet because there's oil and vinegar in glass bottles, and they can break -- and I didn't break them, but Mom did! Oops. I am learning "oh oh" so that came in handy. I also now say "Ball", "Mama", "Daddy" and "Up". I can say "Milk" and "more", in sign language.

It's Spring now and we went for a bike ride. We go to the Park a lot. Oh! and yesterday, we made a garden on our balcony with flowers, herbs and vegetables. Mom said that I can water them once I walk better. Now I am working on putting on my shoes by myself and feeding myself with a spoon. I think I can do it!


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  1. Zoe, I'm going to have to talk to you now like they talk in the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Tell Mommy and Daddy to show you that movie. Whenever they want to say a bad word, they say cuss.

    Holy cuss Zoe! You can do sooooooo many things now! You're making us super excited to come see you in a month! We'll go walking all over the place, and we'll get into all sorts of trouble with your Mommy and Daddy. I was the first one to give her these headaches, and you're next. You might need to teach me some of your tricks now!