Saturday, November 28, 2009

playing around

So besides two new teeth(!!), the big new thing is that Zoë plays much more. She can sit and she can interact (communicate and understand-- or at least she seems to!). She chatters, she plays, she waves and claps. Everyday it seems there is a new and exciting action that she has picked up. Then sometimes she forgets the last new thing... she has forgotten waving, now. But she does the "Indian call" (horribly stereotypical and probably incorrect, but don't know how else to describe the call when you tap your hand on your mouth while make the "ahhhhh" sound so it sounds like "owowowowowow"), only Zoë has found her own method using the back of her arm to swipe across her mouth. I haven't been able to capture this on video yet, but maybe soon.

Here is a video showing her concentratedly playing with her toys, sitting up! Also, in preparation of her running wild... (aka: child-proofing) we have made her a play area. See?

This is a photo that Dadu (my father) took to resemble one of me and Ma... the circle of life and so forth.

Then we had a few other funny shots as we tried to take our family photos (courtesy of the timer option on the camera!) Enjoy!

I do apologize for merely glossing over Zoë's very busy life-- Thanksgiving was lovely. She ate mostly what we did... in her own version. Then there was the trip to Tennessee and visit from the Basu grandparents (Didun and Dadu). There are loads of photos from that-- we encourage you to visit the Picasa Album:
Halloween with Didun and Dadu

By the way, if you do visit the blog, please leave a comment. Sometimes it feels like I am talking to the computer. Which is not always a bad thing... but it is much less fun. And thereby, less motivating to keep up-to-date. Thanks :)


  1. Ummm ... I would like to comment on Ma's blog. Did you see how she said that Zoe coming to see them at the airport with her daddy looked like a joey trying get out of the daddy's pouch? Did she mean to be so poetic? Zoe = joey? Hmmmm ...

    In other news, Zoe, you're seriously adorable. I can't wait to play with you in less than 2 weeks! We'll do so many playing things!!! Bring some of those toys though ... i wanna play with them too ;)

  2. surely! We look forward to it too. Yes, the Zoe/joey connection has been remarked upon before... because earlier when ZZ was small enough, she used to do skin to skin with Matt-- he'd wear her inside his sweater against his bare skin and she'd sleep so well in that cocoon. But that was when she'd curl into a little ball and still fit inside his sweater. Now... she's too big! Yay! Growth :)

  3. Hi, Antara! I'm so glad to see you guys are doing well. Zoe is getting big, but I imagine you are aware of this. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. You're not talking to the computer! I check this site frequently and am always happy to see new postings, especially the videos. Keep it up!

  5. Hi Antara, same for us, we do check the site regularly to see how little Zoe is doing! Happy new year to you, Matt and Zoe!