Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ooooh! Spooky ...

Zoë's first Halloween involved a trip to the Pumpkin patch, some jack-o'-lantern carving (ok, she was safely asleep during this dangerous task!) and trick-or-treating. We made it to 4 houses only, thanks to Zoë's impeccable diaper-timing. ;) She made a cute Little Red Riding Hood (Sarah-- your sweater has been a fantastic gift, extending well past its intended purpose!) and I decided she needed a Big Bad Wolf companion to complete her costume. Enter Mom ... in 10 minutes, I found enough grey to transform into a scary wolf-- it's a little frightening, actually, how convenient this was. And yet-- people complimented Zoë's sweater without realizing she was Little Red Riding Hood. Makes me wonder what they thought I was doing-- Did they think that I normally dress like that? Yikes!


  1. Did they give her candy? Was it good candy? Okay, Ninamashi's a little Halloween-fried. She just wrote 18 letters to students asking about Halloween... Tell me more!

  2. Most gave us candy. One lady stared into her bag wondering what candy the 8 month old baby could eat. When I told her that we were just out for fun and to say "hello" and no candy was necessary, she said "ok then. Bye" and no candy from that house. But Mom, Didun and Dad (those who went trick-or-treating with Zoe) shared the earnings: Kit-Kat, Snickers, and Milky Way. All my favorites!