Thursday, August 27, 2009


We read a nice article in the NYTimes. It resonated with us... particularly with Zoe's daddy. Check it out!


  1. An interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

    I think we are in a radical movement.

    Here while daddies feel frustrated to change her daughter's diaper because there are no changing tables in the men's room, working moms go through similar struggles. There is no room in her work place that accommodates the need of the breast feeding mommy!

    Daddy, You feel awkward, kind of lone some at the tot swing area because there are mostly moms and other female nannies. Well, things will change. Ladies will get used to seeing more daddies as the primary care giver of children.

    Well daddy, these are your challenges and may be you'll get your reward one day, many years later, on a Father's day, when you'll wipe out a tear - you know what you had gone through!

  2. so true! It's a confusing era. But I think it's probably worthwhile, even when uncomfortable, to keep pushing the boundaries. That's progress, after all!