Monday, August 17, 2009

6 months!

Hey everyone,

I'm 6 months old (and a few days)! I think I have mastered the art of giggling. I also love sitting with my feet in the cold water in the sink and playing with Ducky. He's a little tricky to catch but I can use my feet to hold him, better than my hands. Mom think that means that I will be a Kathak dancer since I am so talented with my feet. Anyway... one game that I love is hanging out in the bathroom with my feet in the sink (we call it "Spa time"), playing with Mom in the mirror. It's very confusing and cool the way that I see her playing with that other baby in the mirror and then she comes out of nowhere and kisses me! It makes me giggle. One day, Dad caught us playing this game and tried to video tape it... but I was too distracted by the video.

Also, I am really into big people food items. I never cared before, but now I like cups and spoons and bowls. When Mom and Dad eat, I try to see what they are doing by sticking my fingers in their food and also I think that cups are neat. One day, Mom spilled her juice on me because I pulled on the cup while she was drinking. It was funny. But guess what!? Now I get to eat big people food too. I got a sippy cup and it's more of a toy now, because I still don't know how to drink from it (personally, I still like Mommy's milk best). But the real big news is that I eat rice cereal once a day from a real bowl (sort of) and spoon! And... I like it! I gobble it down. By down... I mean down the front of my bib, but still I like it! Then we have bath time, which is also "spa time" and Ducky and I play while I get clean. Yup... life is good. Check out my videos!



  1. Baby, you're so grown up now! You're a giggle monster now! And you're eating like a big girl! (Mommy and Daddy won't tell you this, but some grown-ups get food all over their clothes too!)

  2. It was such fun Zoe to see you giggling and having fun with the water. Daddy did a pretty good job I'll say, and oh my! you did quite a remarkable job gulping your first solid food. You should get some payesh Zoe! Mom tricked you.

  3. Hey Zoe, you made me very happy when I could see you smiling, the uncorrupted and genuine smile. I hope there is never a day when you lose this. I will visit you more often.
    Hugs and kisses,