Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Z 3

Last week Zoë 's Grandparents Zych visited. (Hence the cubing... though it's probably mathematically incorrect. But it's cute and writing out an equation like Z 2 + 2Z seems weird. But for you sticklers out there... :) ) We had a fun few days of exploring New York in minor ways with Zoë . Spring has finally made it's mark-- there were a few warm days with sunshine and blue skies, allowing the daffodils to bloom and the shoots in the trees to finally burst with life once again. So we had a picnic and walk in the park. We had Dinner and Brunch out with Zoë sleeping peacefully in her sling (thank you, Linda, for that! What a life-saver this sling is!) We even went to the Mandarin Oriental for High Tea (the view was magnificent and so was the food & prices). You can find the pictures from these past events here.

Zoë has apparently grown quite a sense of humor. Her new trick is to fuss and need food exactly when her parents are eating. It is an amazing quality. She's sleeping and there's no sign of waking-- no amount of poking and prodding affects her. A few minutes later, we warm and arrange the food and Voila! she's awake! and needs to eat NOWWW!!! But the funniest thing that she did recently was this: her Grandpa was reading Scientific American cards, quizzing our knowledge of various physics. He asked: "What is a Sonic Boom?" and on cue Ms. ZZ answers with the heftiest burp. It was magnificent.

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  1. Slings rock! im so glad you discovered one with your first baby. I dont know what i did with Ronen, because I cant live without it now!

    And yeah, Ronen was the same way with the eating. Yaniv would cut up my food and id nurse & eat with one hand :-D
    Navah is a bit more accommodating.
    Babies... gotta love 'em.