Wednesday, April 15, 2009

good news!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share my good news with you. Since I was in my mom's tummy, I managed to confuse and perplex the Drs. At first, it was kind of funny how silly concerned they were about everything... but then it became annoying. I was sick and tired of being poked and prodded. First it was a missing heart chamber (um, at 16 weeks of fetal life... like they know! Ha-- a smarter, heart specialist Dr. figured out I was fine, though. No worries.); then it was a missing kidney; then the kidney was there but smaller and abnormal; then it was there AND normal, but maybe swollen and possibly infected; the kidney specialist said it was fine but to check for reflux...; my pediatrician thought I had a dislocated hip joint... BUT!!! Yesterday, I had both an ultrasound for my hip and a HORRIBLE, mean, pokey type test for my kidney and it turns out... I'm FINE! Both tests said so. I'm a normal baby. Ha. I knew it all along. My mom did also. So did my dad. But they said we had to check anyway.

So not only am I normal, but I'm amazing! I can hold up my head. Mom put me on my tummy for a little while today and I liked it! I didn't let my head flop at all. Nope. For some reason, Mom was very excited about this and made me wait and pose for a picture. Here it is.

So, I celebrated by hanging out with my stuffed animal buddies (picture attached) and eating a lot. It was fun. Though the polar bear scared me a little. I'm better now. Ellie, the elephant, always makes me feel better though. She's really nice and she helped me figure out how to come out 'cause my parents had her in the house before me (I think she's a little jealous of me, though, sometimes.) Anyway, she gets crabby a lot when I cry or if I pee on her spot (Mom calls her territorial and Dad says she's an Alpha something). I told her that she should write her own blog, you know, so she can share all these feelings and not let it make her so upset. We even decided that it would be called "EZ", you know for Ellie Zych but also she'd be talking about her life being not easy, so that's funny. Maybe she'll do it after all. Oh-- she's also a little put off by suddenly having to share her space with all these other stuffed animals-- she calls them 'Little Miss Zoë 's stuffed menagerie'. Oh well...

I need to nap now. Love,
p.s. The video is my attempt at telling you all about my day, but I think writing this blog might be easier.


  1. This was the funniest post :-) I love the first person narrative. You go Zoe! You are perfect and lovely and perfectly lovely.


  2. Yeh Zoe!! You are really showing your personality. I could see you had so much to say about your mom and dad, especially mom. What is this- she shows off your naked pictures and just says Sooorrry!!!

    You go girl. We can sure understand all that you had to say.. Sh!! Your mom did not quite understand you I think. But you know what she writes great blogs for you, you have to admit. Love Didun