Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A new chapter

In the beginning, Mom stayed home with Zoë, then we moved to Maryland and Dad stayed home with Zoë. Then Zoë went to school, while her parents worked full time. This summer, I decided to spend more time at home, working part time, so Zoë and I could have more time to play together. Today's the first day of our new adventure (since last week we were relaxing in San Francisco -- need to catch up on those stories! teasers: pedicure, entertaining FAA security officers with Chicken Dance, tons of gifts for Ninamashi, and more...)
I hope that I can document this experiment here a little bit. So far, this morning was spent at the dentist office. Here's a photo for fun. We are also redesigning (all grown up: crib repaced by big girl bed!) her half of the bedroom. Photos to come... Also as a practice run, the storm took out power a couple of weeks ago at school and Zoë had to stay at home; we played fort! Here's a video of our fun picnic, complete with gourmet felt sandwiches, pretend tea, and plastic brownies for dessert. Yum!

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  1. I can see that you went back to your childhood playing fort under the table cloth. It is the same table that I am writing this on.

    Glad that you had time to write thje blog. Have fun with Zoe.