Saturday, March 10, 2012

March madness

The weather is weird as we transition into Spring. The poor flowers and cherry blossoms, I fear, bear the brunt of this. We had snow! followed by sunny, warm temperatures, and now... back to icy temperatures with lots of sun. The daffodils have begun to show their bright faces and the dark cherry blossoms (or plum, maybe?) are blooming, as well as magnolias. I think the cherry blossoms are correctly more hesitant... but can they wait until late March/April (when family and tourists will flock to the scene)? It remains to be seen.

In our home, Zoë continues to entertain us with her antics. Mainly she's testing that the boundaries haven't shifted much since she was two... are clothes still necessary? Can I say no and then yes twenty times without incurring parental wrath? Is bedtime still in effect? When we are getting ready for school, can I run and hide 6 times without sending Mommy into exasperated sighs? etc. etc. etc. We are still fighting to maintain sanity, rules, and our previous hair condition (i.e. by not pulling out each strand in frustration, not going gray and white over an evening filled with gazillions of mini tantrums, etc.) The past week has been better. Although, this picture is what resulted when Mommy tried to get herself dressed while simultaneously trying to get Zoë to wear her sweater... you can see the (often funny, yet challenging) end product.

Last weekend we headed to the Natural History Museum (it's embarrassing that we waited three years to visit this gem! When it is so close!) We spent only a few hours and there was a lot to see -- we figure we will visit again soon. This time we went to see the dinosaurs (on left Zoë is making the RAAAAAAWWWWWR face), the gems (pretty pretty things!) and we went to visit the Butterfly Pavilion but they were resting (already closed).

Also, Zoë's ballet class read and danced the Frog Princess. The costumes were too adorable and I (nor any other mother's as far as I could tell!) could resist peeking and taking photos through the glass. Studious Zoë was awesomely focused on the task at hand, which means that all I have in my pictures are the backs of her head. It took great restraint to not break into the classroom with the camera. Luckily observation week is coming up and I can promise a video and flurry of apt photos from that. Stay tuned...

In honor of new weather and new age, we took an interview with recently turned three Zoë -- we hope you will enjoy and find amusement. Till our next post...

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