Monday, April 26, 2010

Walking (!) and other tales.

Dear Everybody,

It is now official-- I can walk! I can also climb. And with my new skills, I like to explore. Particularly those places that are not so safe and where my parents prefer me not to go. For instance, they put out all my toys, but I go right past them to the kitchen. I like to either climb onto the dishwasher or climb and hide in the oil cabinet. Sadly this weekend, Mom and Dad put special tricky locks on those. But, the one I love most gave them lots of trouble, I am happy to report! And even funnier, Mom didn't want me in that cabinet because there's oil and vinegar in glass bottles, and they can break -- and I didn't break them, but Mom did! Oops. I am learning "oh oh" so that came in handy. I also now say "Ball", "Mama", "Daddy" and "Up". I can say "Milk" and "more", in sign language.

It's Spring now and we went for a bike ride. We go to the Park a lot. Oh! and yesterday, we made a garden on our balcony with flowers, herbs and vegetables. Mom said that I can water them once I walk better. Now I am working on putting on my shoes by myself and feeding myself with a spoon. I think I can do it!


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Welcome to the NEW and improved (?) blog! Same characters, same story... new background. Because? It's SPRING! and we are celebrating new things. Like... the daffodils, the tulips, bikes (well... still waiting for Zoë's helmet and child carrier, but keep an eye out for those pictures, for now... we are just posing.)

From DC delights in Spring

Last weekend we checked out the cherry blossoms in D.C.

and lately we have been roaming the Monuments and our favorite hangout spots.

Zoë is growing every day. She's developing quite a personality... she definitely likes to sing and dance. Itsy-bitsy Spider, Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Wheels on the Bus are all within her dramatic abilities. See videos of an attempted capturing of her performance--
. She's too cautious to be caught walking... but one of these days she will let go and start flying.
In school she is making friends and learning words. She counts to "twee" (sometimes... sort of) and "Ball" is her favorite toy (she still loves to read though). When things get dangerously quiet, you can usually find her "reorganizing" things from the shelves in various favorite nooks of hers. She works very hard to keep all items meticulously strewn about the floor. In this epic battle-- Mom vs. Zoë; Zoë usually wins. Except once Zoë finally goes to sleep... if Mom manages to care by that point.