Monday, February 8, 2010

chopin is her middle name (not really)

We are snowed in on a Monday... so what better thing to do than upload more pics and videos. It's pretty much the only way we have now to connect to the outside world. We tried going out yesterday in a car, and let me tell you... that's an adventure. See our pictures of the "Snowmegeddon". Seriously though, things are at a standstill here. We are lucky to have a plowed street, power, an uncovered car, food and cancelled work/school. There are others who really have to brave the snow!

So we've been home-- cooking lasagne, baking cookies, healing from our respective illnesses (ear infection, bronchitis, flu, etc.) ... staying busy and playing! Oh! and Zoë is learning to feed herself! The slimy bananas were a bit tricky. But makes for good viewing :) Enjoy!

Here is a video that illustrate Zoë's piano abilities (we apologize for the darkness... the piano is in a dark corner).


  1. Wow That's quite a performance. Jr. Chopin. We want more. Encore ..encore.

    It's so nice to see you guys.

  2. The concerto was quite dramatic there Zozo. I especially appreciated that you told us the name of your song. "Auuhhhh ..." is a catchy title indeed! As resident expert on the youtube suggestions with zoe's video, I must report that the first video suggestion after all of our zoe videos is a sikh prayer ... why is that, I wonder?!