Monday, October 12, 2009

a performance

These days Zoë does much more than eat, sleep or poop. She eats solid food, plays, babbles, practically crawls, mostly sits up unaided, almost stands, ... and the list goes on! In this latest video you will find her displaying her oratory skills while she manages to stay standing, complete with a bow at the end. If you find yourself applauding for this performance, feel free to send a check addressed to "Zoë's mom and dad" :) We promise to spend the $ on Zoë's continued education in such matters.

In other news, have you seen how Zoë's list of gourmet pursuits has grown? She also does weird things with her tongue, and the sound "lalalalala" was born. It is possible that those readers with Linguistics education might disagree somewhat with this characterization, but it is so.1

Zoë also enjoys the National Gallery of Art very much. She completely ignored her drooping eyelids and nap plans in order to absorb as much of the museum as she was subjected to. She was fully overstimulated... by art. Which is a good thing. Bravo! The day ended with Simona Auntie reading her Harold and the Purple Crayon. (This long blog entry is in large part credited to the >2 hour nap that Zoë has been taking in order to make up for the fun had by all and lack of napping, during Simona's visit to DC).

1Those with statistics and science backgrounds should be less compelled by the small data sample from which this conclusion is drawn.


  1. Zoe, your Ninamashi was trying really hard to give a full linguistic analysis of your verbal prowess. Unfortunately, she doesn't know! It sounds like you made your /l/ kind of sound like a y, but they aren't on the same International Phonetic Alphabet chart so I don't know how to compare! The /l/ is a lateral fricative which means that you use the middle of your mouth and that you say the sound through the side of your tongue. I think you make it more /y/-like by pushing your tongue up just a little bit because you say the /y/ sound with the front of your mouth. That's my best guess. Clearly, you are such a genius that you defy the IPA chart!!!

  2. Ninamashi, you're a nerd. But thanks for the cute Fall outfits. I lalalalalalove them. :)

  3. Hi Zoe In simle words you are cute and incredible. Didun

  4. Oh you're so welcome! I just got the lalalalalalove :) Boris helped to pick it out though - Ninamashi's a little ditzy and she wasn' going to look at the sizes. Are you going to have a Halloween costume Zoe??