Monday, June 1, 2009

busy, busy, busy

Hello everyone,

Mom's kept me very busy the last month or so and plus, there was the growing -- Boy! have I grown! So... I didn't really have the energy left to write or post pictures. I'll play catchup now. First, there was Mother's Day and I really wanted to write because it was my first! (and Mom's first too!)But the computer broke. Now it's ok again. We were all very nice to her-- she got a beautiful handmade earring and necklace set from her own Mother (my Didun) and Daddy made her a cake. It was his first cake ever! Lots of firsts... I guess. Here are some pictures.

Then there was Mom's graduation. I wore a really pretty dress and mom took lots of pictures of me. I loved the bright colors. She wore a funny costume. Some other little boy asked if it was Halloween but since I don't know what Halloween is... all I know is that it means wearing funny clothes. We also had to sit in a pretty room and listen to old, boring people talk. But then there was champagne and strawberries and in the end I got a quilt from Aunt Jen. More bright colors. I like looking at the quilt a lot. It's like a rainbow!

Then we went to Washington D.C. because we had to find a new home. Everyday there was some adventure. My firsts: I rode on a real train! I rode in a car! I left NYC! I think I was a pretty good kid, but sometimes I had to cry for some attention. I felt better once we went for a walk in Bethesda, near our new home, and hung out at the playground. That was my favorite part (but don't tell Daddy-- he thinks I liked the train ride the most.)

I'll try to write again soon, or maybe Mom will write for me if I get too busy drooling or kicking or giggling or smiling (those are my new favorite pastimes.)


  1. Another cute post Zo-Zo. Now I know you're happy, so let's work on smiling in those pictures! I've heard you giggle - you can do it!!! In the meantime, you're really going on lots of adventures, and there's another one to come when Ninamashi comes to see you!!!

  2. Wow Zoe,

    You had a lot to say and you are looking quite grown up now especially where you are sitting up straight wearing that rainbow dress. What are you thinking so seriously?

    Your mom looks kinda cute and dignified in that Halloween dress - doesn't she? But did you see that "SAY CHEESE" one with her special necklace on?

    And what about dad? How could you forget to take his picture?

    Well, next time. I am looking forward seeing more pics now and then the big thing -the real you in 24 days- right? Love.

  3. DC! How exciting! My sister-in-law used to live in Bethesda (now lives in Parkville), so if you need any advice let me know. I remember visiting them there and finding it super convenient. Easy to get to everything. Congratulations!