Monday, June 4, 2012

"Imagine That"

This is Zoë's new phrase: "Imagine That!" Well... it is so. The last blog post was over 2 months ago, since which time we have had two visits from family members, a trip to NYC, a milestone achieved in aesthetic design (more about that soon! Read on...), several strawberries picked and consumed and ... oh! what else? Jobs attained and forsaken, leases renewed (wait! was it? Need to add to the 'To Do' list), et cetera. It's been busy. It's intimidating to try to report on any (forget all!) of these things, so forgive me while I throw a bunch of pictures up and a video too (it's a great one!) and instead, I leave you to extrapolate between the photo journaling :)

Pictures of our Spring 2012 (including Easter, Cherry Blossoms, visits from Basu's & Nulman's, random others)

Our trip to NYC ( p.s. Isn't Simona's Anna a real cutie? )... and here's the MUST-SEE video of Zoe joining Brian in entertaining the Central Park with her music:

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, one more thing -- the "aesthetic milestone"? Miss Zoë Zych has gotten her pretty ears pierced and now wears amethyst post earrings. This has made her very tough and very silly (ok, ok... she's still the same) In her words, though:"Now, I'm all grown up, like you, Mommy!") Thought you should know :)