Sunday, September 13, 2009

carrots are so ...

FUNNY!!! We don't know why, but Zoe finds carrots ridiculously hilarious. I dare you... try NOT to laugh while watching Zoe eat her carrots and giggle. Her sillies are contagious.

Other than this, no other foods have elicited quite as strong of a response, and her experiences with solids foods has been very good! We are keeping a running tally of foods tried and enjoyed by Zoe on the side panel here. She's a pretty relaxed kid about food... except CARROTS. Why? Because they are orange... they have those funny green plants on top... they are teeming with Beta-Carotine... take your pick. Only Zoe knows why they are so special :)

In other news, Zoe is saying "Mamamamamama". Usually while hungry and bored. Go figure! She is also sitting up! With some help getting into the proper balanced position and getting herself into the "tripod". But she can hold the pose for quite some time. We are therefore eager to say she can *practically* sit up! Our little baby is growing up -- nearly 7 months old!